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 Whether it’s losing fat, toning up, slimming down or getting stronger your personalised programme will improve your health and have you feeling great.

How does it work?

1) You fill in an on-line questionnaire or we can talk on skype or by phone. This will establish exactly what you want to achieve as well as give me a background into you and your lifestyle.

2) I produce an exercise and nutrition programme tailored to your specific needs.

3) The programme is delivered through state of the art software using a mobile app and/or laptop/tablet:

- workouts are delivered by videos or images on your phone, tablet or laptop or can be printed out.

- nutrition advice is provided through the app in the form of tutorial videos, articles, recipes, meal plans and personal messages and reminders

What truly sets this system apart is the programs are fully tailored and adapted according to your progress and lifestyle. For example you may go abroad and need to change your exercise durations, regularity and food choices. I will adapt the programme to account for this. Communication is the key and works both ways.

The ideal solution if:

- you prefer to workout in private

- you travel a lot

- you cannot commit to regular session times

- you are not ready for or cannot afford face to face training


Your training programme is specific and tailored to you, which you can follow on my personalised app.

Personalised exercise and workout programmes

Based on what you tell me about your background and goals I will create a bespoke physical training programme. I will adapt this according to your specific needs as when needed to ensure the exercises, sets and reps are appropriate to your level and progress.


Weekday Contact

Through the app/online login you can message me any questions and I checkin in with you regularly to see you how you're doing.

Delicious recipes

You will receive my free meal plan to kick start positive eating habits plus new healthy recipes throughout the program. With the nutrition and workout package you will also recieve access to my recipe library with over 60 breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snack and smoothie options.

Video guidance

Within the app there are videos demonstrating how to complete the exercises (see screen shots below).

Nutrition coaching

I will provide nutrition coaching to help you achieve your specific goals. 

Progress log

​With my personalised app it is easy to log your workouts, measurements and progress pictures.

Technique advice

Using the app you can send me a short film of yourself doing a specific movement so I can assess and feedback on your technique.



Short and long term achieveable goals can be agreed to motivate and challenge you.


Personalised and adaptive workout only program €99/month

-includes regular healthy recipes

3 month personalised workout and nutrition coaching €149/month

- includes healthy recipes, nutrition coaching and workouts

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