Anthony has worked with me through his remote training programme using apps, videos and other tech to share his excellent knowledge and advice. He tailored an excellent training programme and he is a brilliant motivator. I would highly recommend him!


Anthony is a great professional. Training with him is super fun and dynamic. He designs a special program that adapts to your needs. I highly recommended 👍🏻👍🏻


I’ve been training with Ant for about a year and a half now. I’m not a naturally motivated person when it comes to fitness so I need someone to kick my backside into gear! 😄 We train twice a week, he’s super flexible and accommodating – basically I have no excuses not to do it and when all’s said and done, I really enjoy the sessions. The workouts are varied, stay fresh and are relevant to my goals. He knows how hard to push and I’ve seen great progress in what I can do vs before. To cap it off, he’s a great guy & good fun to work with. Highly recommended!


Fantastic workout, I’m hooked! Anthony prepares the classes with immaculate detail giving your body a full workout. He is also very motivating and attentive making sure you are doing the exercises correctly. Love it!


I run a lot already but after one month working out twice a week with Anthony I got a personal best in my 11th marathon. I didn’t realise strength training would help so much with running. Anthony is an amazing PT! Literally can see and feel results in the first few sessions. Really personalized and a great work out. Highly recommend Ant for all your training needs!


I’ve had postural problems for years… my shoulders were severely rounded and my head pushed forwards, so I asked Anthony for help. Even after just a few weeks of following the exercise routine he suggested, I could feel a difference. People who’ve known me for years have noticed the difference and complimented me on how much better and more confident I look – and someone I met in a social situation even asked me if I was a ballerina!


I started off with what I thought was a pretty poor level of fitness. After four months of training I’d gone from 21% to 12.7% body fat and the number of press ups I could do went from 26 to 51. Feeling stronger and leaner thanks to the tough but varied workout and nutrition advice from Anthony.


I have been training with Anthony twice a week for 7 months, I love our sessions, he is motivating, has a personal approach, each session is well planned and varied, and he is extremely knowledgeable. I feel stronger and more energetic, I highly recommend him!