Mobile Personal Training

Don’t like gyms?
Want to save time on travelling?
Prefer to exercise outside in a park or at the beach?
I offer a 1-to-1 fully personalised service at your home, work,
nearby park or the beach.

How does it work?
1. We meet or schedule a call to go through your background, a medical questionnaire and most importantly for you to explain what you would like to achieve
2. I put together an exercise and provide nutrition advice as needed
3. We train together at a location of your choice using a TRX suspension trainer, bodyweight, boxercise and any equipment you may have

What else is included?
– Body composition analysis: body fat percentage and muscle quality
– Regular fitness testing
– Tracking of weight and measurements
– Boxercise, TRX, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and bodyweight training
– Accessible log of all your workouts
– Postural improvement for lower back pain and rounded shoulders
– Incorporate your own home training equipment such as weights or a kettlebell into workouts

€40 = 55 minutes pay as you train
€180 = 5 x 55 minute pack
€320 = 10 x 55 minute pack

€30 = 40 minutes pay as you train
€140 = 5 x 40 minute pack
€250 = 10 x 40 minute pack